In France, a Greenpeace activist staged an interesting protest.

Greenpeace activist lands on Nuke plant
Posted 02.05.2012 12:40:24 UTC
Updated 02.05.2012 12:40:24 UTC

The Greenpeace activist, after flying with a motorized paragliding, landed on a nuclear power plant. The French activiste managed to get in Bugey Nuclear Power Plant by using a motorized paragliding. But, before that, he threw a smoke bomb while on the air to cause panic.

After flying over the power station for a long time, after a short while he landed ,the activist was detained by the security forces.

The Greenpeace said “the demonstration was held in protest to a negligence before a possible nuclear energy threat of the two candidates racing for the presidential seat.”

The Greenpeace statement said, “We want to draw attention to the dangers possible to emerge when a plane falls on the power station or it is hit by an external attack.”

France meets 75% of its energy need from nuclear energy power stations.

While presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy is strongly against the halt of nuclear energy investments, other candidate Francois Hollande pledges for limiting the nuclear energy power plants in France