Syrian capital Damascus has become the new front in the civil war.

Heaviest fighting in Damascus during uprising
Posted 20.03.2012 08:12:50 UTC
Updated 20.03.2012 08:12:50 UTC

Free Syrian Army and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have engaged in the fiercest clashes in the past year. 25 people lost their lives in the latest offensive of the army troops.

There are no new reports about the two Turkish journalists who got lost in Syria but were turned over to officials last week. Damascus is to respond to Ankara's repatriation demand.

Opposition strongholds Homs, Idlib and Deraa are not the only fronts in the civil war. The streets of capital Damascus witness violent clashes in which heavy machinery are used.

Funeral ceremonies of the opposition members have turned into protest demonstrations, amid ongoing clashes.

Two opposition politicians have been arrested in the latest operations.

The special envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League, Kofi Annan attempts to create favourable conditions for a ceasefire and an international monitoring mission.

France circulated a Western-drafted statement for the UN Security Council deploring the turmoil and backing peace efforts by Kofi Annan.

The International Committee of the Red Cross called for daily ceasefires to reach the wounded. Damascus ally Russia also urged Assad and his foes to agree to daily truces.