Greeks, who went on polls last Sunday, still struggle to form a government.

Greece in impasse after talks for a new government fail
Posted 10.05.2012 11:19:36 UTC
Updated 10.05.2012 11:33:09 UTC

After the efforts of the winner of the Sunday elections, New Democracy Party, failed to form a coalition government in Greece, a second round of talks by the Radical Left Coalition has collapsed.

Alexis Tsipras, head of the Radical Left Coalition, met with heads of parties of Independent Greeks, PASOK and New Democracy to win support for Greece's first left-wing-led government.

However, Tsipras failed to get the support that he needs to form a coalition.

Making a statement after the talks, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said they were not able to reach a consensus over a new cabinet.

Tsipras will meet the Greek president during noon hours and will pass the mandate to Venizelos, who is next in the line.

So, former finance minister and socialist PASOK Party Leader Evangelos Venizelos will take over the mandate to form a government on Thursday.

Venizelos said he will be showing efforts to form a wide-scope coalition government supporting European polices.

If all talks fail, Greece will head to new elections in early June.