Winds of elections have started blowing in the US.

Election winds in the US
Posted 16.02.2012 08:58:34 UTC
Updated 16.02.2012 08:58:34 UTC

The popularity rate of President Obama having hit 50 percent in the latest public opinion polls on a backdrop of the fierce race of republican candidates merits attention.

A poll conducted by CNN television has put the popular support for Obama at 50 percent.

That is the highest Obama has received in the last 8 months.

Last week's opinion poll results also indicated that Obama prestige is on the rise.

However, that rate needs to be pulled up for Obama to win a second term.

The race among the republican contenders is also continuing at full speed.

Rick Santorum who reared his head with a newfound strength now stands to defy Mitt Romney.

The economic developments and how they affect the ordinary American will be a crucially important factor in whether Obama will be re-elected.